Monday, January 30, 2012

We Are The TA's!

We are the TA's.

We are on the front lines, providing the buffer between the misunderstandings and confusions of the students, and the lack of coherent notes by the professors. We take knowledge from on high, and attempt to partition and filter it down so that it can be palatable for the masses.  We are Prometheus, stealing the fire of knowledge from the gods of the ivory tower, and giving it to man so that man may enrich its own life.

We are the damage control.  We pick up the pieces that have been produced by waves of information crashing against the beachhead of people in the lecture hall.  We put these pieces back together as best we can, like an incomplete puzzle.  We tease the signal out of the noise.

We are the TA's!

And we rock the god damn HOUSE!


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