Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I'm serious.  I'll do it!
So for whatever reason, my blog has been getting a ton of traffic in the past week.  Particularly, the Science Sunday posts (e.g. Clouds, Low-Mass Stars, and Stars In General) and my recent capoeira post have gotten a fair bit of attention.   However, with all the people that are viewing these posts, NO ONE'S LEAVING COMMENTS!  What's the deal, people?   I know they're informative, but I would hope that after reading these posts, people would have thoughts of their own!

I crave (constructive) criticism!  Criticism will make me a better writer, researcher, and informer.  I crave feedback!  I want to know that people actually got something from the words that I spent time putting together on a given page.  Don't be shy, fine folk.  Let me know how you feel!


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