Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Fifteen Professions that Drink the Most Coffee

An interesting post on, regarding the professions that consume the most coffee.  The interesting thing isn't that scientists top the list.  That's more or less a no-brainer.  The interesting bit here is how the lion's share of the article has very little to do with coffee, and much more to do with how scientists are addicted to working and how we have no concept of a work-life balance.  It sounds almost as if it's written by a bitter current or former scientist.

Anyway, enough of my babbling about the topic.  The link to the article is here: link.  I've included the main graphic after the jump.

As always, cheers to my fellow soldier's of knowledge.  This cup's for you!

p.s.  While I actually don't really drink coffee, I have learned how to make it in a way that I enjoy, and have felt remarkably alert and focused since I've discovered it.  On top of that, I there's a special place in my heart for mochas, machiattos, and frappuchinos.  If I had more money (ha ha!  Please, let's not forget I'm a graduate student), I'd probably be in real danger of a new caffeine addiction. 

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