Sunday, November 18, 2012

My First Time

It's been pretty busy lately, which is why I haven't written anything new in a while.  I've got some things in the works though.  A couple weather-related Science Sundays, more capoeira stuff, and even my first data visualization post!  I'm really excited about that last one.  I've got a couple really nice figures coming up.

Right now though, I'm working on my first research proposal.  It's actually an observing proposal for the 3.5-meter telescope at Apache Point Observatory.  The basic idea is that I want to use that telescope to look at the spectrum of a certain type of star.  Or rather, candidates for a certain type of star.  I don't know what types of stars these are yet, so I'm going to be observing them to possibly classify them!  I hope they're a special type of post-main sequence star called an R Coronae Borealis star.  I'll write a Science Sunday post about them at some point in time (probably would've been good to write one about them prior to this proposal, but bleh whatever).  Alongside the spectra that I hope to obtain, I'm also going to try to get some time on a small nearby telescope to do synchronous optical photometry.  Awesome!

However, as mentioned before this is my first time actually writing a proposal.  I'm SO nervous!  What's the right amount of publications to include in your references?  How do you structure it?  How do you ask for time?  So on and so forth.  What makes it a little bit worse is that I just decided to put this in this past Tuesday, and the deadline is this coming Tuesday!  I barely know anything about these stars, I've had a fair bit to do outside of this little side project in the meantime, and I'm inexperienced with scientific writing!  I'm glad I've got some assistance from the illustrious Jim Davenport.  Dude's awesome.

So yeah, I'm nervous.  I'm also excited!  This will truly be my first data set.  MY data!  Collected for MY project that I came up with.  I can do anything with it!  The possibilities are endless!

Alright, back to reading papers.  I hope to have some good posts coming up in the next few weeks.  Ciao till then.

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