Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Orishas: Oxum

This is my second post about the orixás of Candomblé.  This time, we'll chat about the Orixá of freshwater, love, beauty, wealth, and other such things: Oxum (Oshun, Ochun; pronounced "oh-SHOON" regardless of spelling).  A bit of disclaimer before we begin (and this will be at the end as well): I am by no means an expert on Orixás of any religion, be it Candomblé, Umbanda, Yoruba, Santeria, Vodou, or anything else.  I'm just a dude with a lot of curiosity and the power of the internet.  As such, if you see something here that seems kinda fishy, take it with a huge grain of salt.  And if you know more about the subject matter here, please please PLEASE speak up and point me in the right direction.  I also didn't do references like I did last time, as this was much more of a synthesis of ideas instead of a line-by-line pasting (except where mentioned).

My inspiration for this particular goddess came from watching the classic 1990's African-American romance movie: Love Jones.  The male lead, a poet named Darius Lovehall (Lorenz Tate), is trying to kick it to this girl he just met at the bar, the female lead named Nina Moseley as played by Nia Long.  In order to further get her attention, he devises a poem that he calls "A Blues for Nina":