Sunday, November 30, 2014

Astro Questions: Difficulties with Light Speed

This academic quarter, I did something a little different than I normally do. In addition to simply assigning and grading labs as was required, I made an assignment of my own that my students were responsible for each week. They had the option of:

• Finding an article about astronomy and writing a page about it

• Finding an astronomical concept they found interesting and write a page about that

• Submit a question about physics or astronomy which I would answer and return to them.
    I figured most students would just take the easy route and submit questions, which could be of any length, and many did. However, the questions asked weren't simple! Or perhaps the students thought they were simple going in, but it ended up being quite the opposite when answered. I got a kick out of answering these questions each week so much so that I decided to collect some of the most interesting questions I've been asked and answer them* again right here.

    Tuesday, November 11, 2014

    Science Sunday: Bright Truths about Black Holes

    Black holes are one of those mysteries of science that sci-fi writers like to toy with. They're menacing! They huge! They have some mysterious cosmic sucking power! I want to clear the air here about these magnificent, mysterious objects. Note, this isn't going to be a comprehensive or exhaustive explanation about black holes. Just a little bit more information to clear a lot of the unknown.